Legal papers filed following claims the school allowed sexual abuse to continue for 30 years

NZ Herald | 24 June 2021

A complaint that could lead to a class action has been filed today by former Dilworth students who claim the private school failed in its duty of care when it did nothing to stop the sexual abuse of young boys.

Two men have filed papers with the Human Rights Commission on behalf of "all (Dilworth) survivors of sexual abuse" for what they claim was the school's failure to "protect all students in its care from the systematic sexual abuse that occurred there between 1970 and 2006".

"As early as the 1970s, Dilworth School knew vulnerable young boys in its care were being sexually abused by staff and others in positions of power, yet the school failed to stop the abuse from happening, allowing it to continue for over 30 years," said Neil Harding, who was abused by a Scout master at the school when he was 12.

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