About the claim

The Dilworth Class Action seeks accountability and compensation from Dilworth School for failing to protect all students in their care from systematic sexual abuse that occurred at the school for over 30 years. 

The complaint has been made by Neil Harding and HS (whose name is suppressed) to the Human Rights Commission.  Neil and HS complain about the behaviour of the School in failing to protect students from sexual abuse by its staff and representatives at the School which we currently understand to have occurred between 1970 and 2006. (please note this is not a closed range)


As early as the 1970s, Dilworth knew vulnerable young boys in its care were being sexually abused by its staff and representatives, yet the School failed to stop the abuse from happening, allowing it to continue for over 30 years. On numerous occasions the School was made aware boys were being abused. Instead of providing protection and support, Dilworth severely punished and silenced boys who complained and actively sought suppression orders to protect the School’s reputation if the offenders were convicted for their crimes.


The class action complaint seeks monetary compensation (known as “damages”) from the School for all Dilworth survivors of sexual abuse. The abuse suffered by the survivors is a form of sexual harassment committed in the context of education – which is a prohibited form of discrimination under the Human Rights Act 1993.


After the complaint is made, there is a dispute resolution process that is administered by the Human Rights Commission.  If an acceptable settlement cannot be reached through this process, Neil and HS, on behalf of all Dilworth survivors, can bring a claim before the Human Rights Review Tribunal and/or the High Court.