Dilworth School: New class action claims school failed to protect students from abuse

Stuff | 24 June 2021

Two survivors of historical sexual abuse at Auckland’s Dilworth School are taking a class action claim to the Human Rights Commission.

The survivors are inviting others to join their claim which alleges Dilworth School staff failed to protect students from systemic sexual abuse at the school between 1970 and 2006.

The claim will seek damages on behalf of all boys who were sexually abused and has been made in the name of Neil Harding and another survivor with name suppression.

Harding said the school needed to own its role in allowing the abuse to happen.

“This isn’t about the money … it’s about redress and the appropriate restitution.”

Harding is hopeful other survivors will join the action with the Human Rights Commission.

“I want to cut the path that they can walk … really, it’s about them.”

He hopes that by taking the action, survivors can get their lives back on track.

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