Dilworth sex abuse: Old boy joining new class action says apologies are meaningless

Elizabeth Binning | NZ Herald | 15 July 2021

A potential class action against one of the county's wealthiest schools is ramping up, with more than 60 former Dilworth students joining the legal proceedings.

Papers were filed to the Human Rights Commission last month by two former students who claim the private boarding school failed in its duty of care when it did nothing to stop the sexual abuse of young boys.

Since then at least 60 old boys have come forward wanting to be part of the class action, which they hope will result in compensation for abuse that happened over several decades at the hands of various staff, including teachers, housemasters, Scout leaders and chaplains.

One of the men, who only wants to be known as Sam, says he was sexually abused for about two years but several attempts to raise it with senior staff only resulted in punishment.

"I was groomed by others but [one man] was my main abuser and, towards the end, violently. I reported him on two major occasions - the first time to [a senior leader] and I was caned for doing that and shut down completely."

"[Afterwards] I was put into the care of one staff member who would make sure I was okay. That was actually my abuser."

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